Why Choose Alba

If you are seeking investment:

  • Our members typically have decades of business experience, with many having successfully built and sold businesses and therefore have a thorough understanding of the many challenges a management team will face.
  • In every company our group invests in we will agree with you the areas where additional support and experience will benefit the business and appoint appropriate people to provide this benefit.
  • We have strong relationships with other investors and funders and in many cases will work alongside others to further extend what we as a combined group can do to support businesses financially and strategically.
  • We will work alongside you after the investment is made to help achieve the ongoing development and growth of the company with the ultimate aim of a successful exit for all parties.


If you are an investor:

  • We carry out initial due diligence and apply strict criteria and standards so that only a small percentage of the opportunities we see present to members.
  • Our existing members come from a broad range of backgrounds and can add significant value to our assessment process.
  • You will have complete discretion to decide if any opportunity presented is one that interests you.
  • We have strong relationships with many organisations and individuals who are a regular source of potential investment opportunities.
  • The only commitment required is a small annual membership fee to contribute to the running costs of the group.
  • We have no specific targets or timescales for numbers or value of investment made and will only ever present opportunities that we believe are of the highest quality.
  • You will be provided with regular updates post investment.