To date our members have invested in the following companies:


ClinSpec is a diagnostics company which is pioneering a new process using machine learning to identify spectroscopic differences in simple blood serum. This allows same-day detection and grading of a broad range of diseases, with first applications to brain cancer. Alba Equity members participated in the seed funding round in February 2019 when the company was spun-out from the University of Strathclyde.


GM Flow was formed in 2014 to offer Adjusta-Cone® as the world’s first fully adjustable, differential pressure cone meter for natural gas measurement. Adjusta-Cone® improves the safety of operations, provides more accurate measurement and has a more compact footprint and a wider operating range than traditional meters. Alba Equity led the company’s first investment round in January 2020.

Trojan have developed a ‘flat and flush’ charging point and related technology for electric vehicle charging. Their solution aims to enable wider spread adoption of electric vehicles by providing multiple on-street charging points in urban environments, without the requirement to install traditional bulky infrastructure. Alba Equity participated in the company’s initial £1m equity fundraising round in June 2020, which also leveraged £3.1m of support from Innovate UK.


Founded in 2017, Cumulus is the first oncology drug development accelerator in Europe.  It develops new oncology treatments that target the unmet medical needs of specific cancer patient populations.  Alba Equity participated in the company’s £1.7m funding round in June 2020.



Altair Medical is a UK based Digital Health company developing a wearable sensor that aims to radically improve patient outcomes in numerous clinical situations.  It is one of the smallest available biosensors and transmits data to a cloud platform using a data hub or smartphone.  Altair’s technology will be able to accurately monitor very large numbers of patients in any location simultaneously.  Alba Equity led the investment syndicate in the company’s first external funding round totalling £2.25m in April 2021.